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We Solve Office Parking & Hot Desk Management Issues with our Simple Flexwork App

Ronspot is the simple solution to employee parking, office parking & hot desk management with social distancing.

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Solve Office Parking and Hot Desk Management Problems with Ronspot

Make Office Parking and Desk Management Fair, Easy, Stress-free and compliant with Social Distancing

Ronspot is passionate about solving employee parking & hot desk management issues in the work place. If you have an employee parking lot, Ronspot makes sure your employees have a space by allocating parking spots fairly and transparently. Furthermore, our parking app allows your employees to view live and up-to-date availability and lets them manage their parking schedule effortlessly. No more driving aimlessly around the car park looking for an empty space. Reduce employee frustrations and get the most out of your car park with our easy-to-use parking app.

Check out some of our story from the Sunday Business Post recently interviewing CEO Michael Furey.

Furthermore, you can now use our cloud solution to let your employees reserve desks throughout the day for a safe solution to working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help your employees maintain social distancing with our new Ronspot Desk Manager app.

Why Choose Ronspot Employee Parking & Desk Management App?

We streamline and optimize the use of employee parking spaces in corporate environments while incorporating desk management solutions.
Therefore, if you work for a company with limited parking spaces, desk management issues or want to control workplace social distancing, we can help.

Guaranteed Parking

The Ronspot app uses an allocation system that guarantees parking spaces for your employees. The credit system is transparent and easy to understand.

 Reduced Costs

Ronspot ensures maximum occupancy of your available parking spaces by managing who parks where. Your employees can claim or release spots instantly, reducing costs for both employers and employees.

 Real-Time Management

With Ronspot, you can view live and up-to-date availability of parking spaces and let your employees manage their parking schedule through a real-time dashboard.

Managing Violations

If an employee finds someone parked in their reserved spot, they can simply flag the violation on the app to let the offender know. Ronspot will automatically assign a new parking spot if one is available.

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How It Works

Solve your employee parking problems with just a few clicks. Managing your office parking spaces is easy with Ronspot.

  • Ronspot app is easy to use the employee enters their details and chooses when they need a parking spot. Once selected and confirmed, the app will allocate a parking spot to them. 
  • Employees use free, but limited, credits to reserve parking spaces. Reserving parking on the same day does not use any credits. 
  • If an employee doesn’t need the parking spot they reserved, they can release it and get their credits back.
  • If someone has parked in a reserved space, the employee can report a violation on the app. The owner of the vehicle will be emailed and another space will be allocated if one is available.

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